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How TempDev Helps Hospital Systems with NextGen

How TempDev Helps Hospital Systems with NextGen

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Hospital Systems play critical roles in communities across the country, delivering high-quality patient care in large volumes. They often face challenges of working with both acute systems inside their hospital and ambulatory systems for physicians who work within their hospitals, so creating workflows and interfaces to ensure that their providers can have all the information on their patients at the point of care is critical. TempDev helps hospital systems maximize the benefits of their NextGen EHR & EPM Enterprise software by evaluating your needs and recommending the best ways to improve system utilization and workflows. Having worked with many hospital systems, TempDev consultants have the knowledge to assist in complicated projects like custom interfaces, practice splits and merges, and workflow audits.

Some of the many NextGen consulting services to assist hospital systems TempDev offers are:

NextGen Hospital Interfaces

Interfaces are excellent for exchanging data between hospitals and the physicians who work with them. The NextGen interfaces typically implemented with hospitals are EMPI, demographics, labs, radiology, admit notes, discharge notes, and operative reports. As a result of these interfaces, providers have access to patients' complete records; thus, improving their care. 

Many hospital systems have their own laboratories and diagnostic imaging centers available to their patients. This can save patients time from having to go to multiple facilities and typically provides an easier scheduling experience. It also allows associated clinics to get lab and radiology results faster. Ideally, a hospital will create an EMPI interface so their ambulatory care providers can easily match patients between disparate systems. Once the EMPI interface is created, the hospital care more easily send labs, radiology, and notes to the partnering organizations. Lab & radiology interfaces also need custom compendiums and mapping that does not typically come out of the box. TempDev will assist groups in mapping their compendiums, remove unmapped compendium codes as options, testing, and template development to send all required data elements to the hospital.  This eliminates the need for manual data entry into these systems and reduces human error. 

TempDev consultants have also helped hospital systems create ADT interfaces to share patient admit, discharge, and operative notes into NextGen EHR. By having this data sent automatically, ambulatory groups can implement workflows for care management teams to follow up on patients who were recently discharged for follow-up and medication reconciliation.

NextGen EHR Data Conversions, Practice Merges, and Splits 

Physician mergers & acquisitions by hospitals require a need to be able to perform NextGen data conversions, merge practices together, and split practices apart from one another. The TempDev team has assisted organizations in importing patient clinical data from several different EHR systems into NextGen EPM & EHR. TempDev's NextGen consultant's knowledge of the NextGen database not only ensures that data is stored in the right place, but that you've also made all the business decisions needed prior to migrating the data so there are no surprises at go-live. Sometimes during mergers and acquisitions, there becomes a need to merge two NextGen practices together or split them apart. TempDev does these frequently and guides clients through key decisions so that their practices are satisfied the day of go-live. These data conversions can go bad unless the right decisions are made so patient clinical information, appointments, and billing do not become duplicated, missing, or misdirected.

NextGen Direct Messaging Interfaces

Physicians and hospitals want an integrated chart so they know how their partners are caring for shared patients. NextGen EHR's interoperability tools are a useful way of exchanging data with acute and other ambulatory systems. NextGen Share uses Direct Messaging which makes sending patient data along with referrals simple with a few clicks. We have even worked with multiple groups to automatically send referring and consulting physicians letters via NextGen Share. The integration of Carequality and Surescripts NRLS, makes it easy to retrieve data from other providers that your patient has seen in the country and quickly import that data into NextGen EHR from both Epic & Cerner. Many clients have not enabled these incredible features because they don't understand the downstream impact and have time to implement the workflows around them. TempDev consultants partner with clients to help develop a workflow that works for them to utilize these tools that get them closer to having a single patient chart without needing to implement an acute system that doesn't work smoothly for ambulatory physicians.

NextGen Regulatory Auditing & Assistance

Hospital systems are required to comply with many regulatory and clinical quality metric standards, and keeping up with the changes can be a difficult task. TempDev consultants keep their fingers on the regulatory pulse of these changes and can assist with providing reports and audits to show areas of improvement to maintaining compliance. Their knowledge of the NextGen EHR and EPM applications allow them to make recommendations to improve workflows while staying compliant and improving quality scores. 

Revenue Cycle Optimization and Reports

It can be difficult to deliver optimal care without regularly reviewing your financial situation to make sure you're remaining in the black. TempDev assists many organizations to improve the profitability in their revenue cycle with NextGen EPM. With a steadier revenue flow and improved processes, clients are able to focus on better care for patients and reduce the stress on their staff. TempDev offers several pre-built, flat-rate NextGen EPM reports to help manage and trend your revenue. cycle.

The TempDev Advantage

TempDev employs the most knowledgeable consultants in healthcare so that they can best serve all provider types, including complex hospital systems. They are experts on industry-leading NextGen Healthcare products, which represent the latest and best technological breakthroughs in EHR and practice management solutions.

Hospitals are being challenged by new healthcare threats as well as financial shortages. Improving your workflow and revenue cycles are imperative to your survival. TempDev works with you to find affordable and effective ways to optimize your patient care and financial health at the same time. Physicians feel less of a bureaucratic burden, and your staff is freed from unnecessary tasks. When a hospital system runs smoothly and is well integrated, patients benefit from improved care and outcomes.

TempDev also offers other services such as staff augmentation, which removes the stress of finding temporary staffers to help with a claim or billing backlog or other essential administrative tasks.

When you need help with difficult management problems, the TempDev team can immediately provide relief. They will analyze your system's needs and suggest programs and strategies that will improve your workflow and profitability.

Contact TempDev today here or at 888.TEMP.DEV and let them implement the right solution to fit your business needs.


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