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NextGen Acquires OTTO Health for Telehealth Virtual Visits

NextGen Acquires OTTO Health for Telehealth Virtual Visits

NextGen continues its quest to improve physician and patient options by acquiring OTTO Health, a leader in remote telehealth and virtual visits. Announced in mid-December, this latest move by NextGen has the potential to change the way millions of patients seek medical care. A doctor's appointment no longer necessarily means visiting an office or having a traditional exam. Patients who are unable to visit a healthcare facility will still be able to get the care they need through remote teleconferencing. The combination of NextGen EHR software and OTTO Health's Telehealth program solidifies NextGen's portfolio of software offerings for modern-day physicians.

OTTO Health

Telehealth is one of the most revolutionary changes in healthcare in recent history. OTTO Health is a leader in this technology and has made it easier for patients to have a virtual visit, one made from the comfort of their home or other remote location. Patients do not always need to see a doctor in person to get quality medical care.

Telehealth Virtual Visit Steps

Telehealth virtual visits are simple for both the provider and patient. They include the following steps:

  • Once a visit is scheduled in NextGen EPM, the appointment goes into OTTO, which generates a secure email text message link for the patient. Once the patient clinks on the link, they join their scheduled Virtual Visit.

  • After the patient has joined the visit, the provider sees a status change in NextGen EHR and knows to join the patient for the visit by logging into OTTO Health.

  • The provider then conducts a medical visit using the same standards as they would with an in-person visit. After the visit, providers will bill and documentat within NextGen EHR.

This simple and effective process appeals to patients and providers alike. Patients are happy with the convenience, and providers benefit from the efficiency and increased revenue.

Telehealth Benefits for Provider

This acquisition allows NextGen EHR providers to care for more patients since the average Telehealth visit lasts 5-7 minutes. Doctors who are on call can easily use this system to see more patients as well. Telehealth also allows physicians to turn patient phone calls into actual visits, which allows medical providers to be reimbursed for their valuable time contributing their expertise. They can see more patients, receive more revenue, and save more time.

OTTO Health's system is adaptive, meaning that it adjusts to individual provider workflows and easily integrates into the existing systems, including a NextGen EHR, NextGen EPM, and soon the NextGen Patient Portal. This flexibility makes the system affordable for most medical practices since they don't have to change their entire system.

Providers also can use the Telehealth system to remotely review imaging and renew prescriptions. Of course, the system is meant to supplement health care and not completely replace the traditional office visit, which is often necessary.

Patient Advantages

Patients who might not otherwise visit a medical professional may try Telehealth. Some are isolated in rural areas, while others are simply not mobile. Patients who are ill may not feel physically strong enough to get to the doctor or be unable to drive themselves. Telehealth is an excellent way to bring more consistent healthcare to a major portion of the population.

NextGen Advantages

NextGen is already a true powerhouse in ambulatory healthcare solutions, including integrated technology and service platforms. They have been in business for 45 years and work with over 150,000 providers.

They are known for providing physician solutions such as NextGen EPM and NextGen EHR. Their strong position in the healthcare market was recently enhanced by their acquisition of Medfusion, whose patient portal services are robust. The addition of OTTO Health is a natural one since they have been NextGen's strategic virtual visit provider for the last year. Now with the acquisition of the Telehealth service, NextGen has further bolstered its position in the ambulatory care field.

Acquisition Benefits

The deal between NextGen and OTTO Health received a positive reaction from those in the market and the involved parties. Sarah Green, CEO of OTTO Health said, "Virtual visits lower cost and improve outcomes, but to maximize the potential benefits, the capability must be part of an integrated and coordinated solution. We look forward to becoming a permanent member of the NextGen Healthcare family so we can collaboratively support provider groups focused on innovation and meeting their value-based care goals."

NextGen's President and CEO, Rusty Franz, stressed that the company was "eager to equip providers with a modern, integrated, and easy-to-use virtual visit capability. . .." The marriage of NextGen's platforms and patient portals with OTTO Health's Telehealth program will give patients more options for affordable and convenient healthcare while increasing revenue streams for medical care providers.

The TempDev Advantage

The acquisition also means that Telehealth will be closer to being fully integrated into NextGen products, but providers do not have to wait to benefit from remote healthcare visits. You can immediately take advantage of this service by contacting TempDev. Their experts can help you integrate Telehealth visit coding and streamline workflows into your NextGen EHR templates now. They will also assist in easing the transition to native NextGen templates when upgrades are ready.

TempDev can help your practice embrace remote healthcare visits, but that is only part of their services. They commonly address a number of provider issues, helping you with reimbursement challenges, employee efficiency, and quality metrics, among other vital services. They offer the latest industry consulting and solutions as well as advanced training. 

Remote healthcare is undoubtedly an integral part of healthcare's present and future. More patients will be embracing the service for its convenience and affordability. Merely getting to the doctor is often an expensive and time-consuming task for patients, especially the rural or infirm. TempDev assists with gaining access to the advanced technology you need and helps you successfully integrate it into your medical practice. You don't have to wait to benefit from NextGen's acquisition of OTTO Health. Contact the TempDev experts today by calling us at 1-888-TEMPDEV or contact us here!


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