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Why Should You Call a NextGen EHR Consultant?

Why Should You Call a NextGen EHR Consultant?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) instituted the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) or Meaningful Use program as an incentive for healthcare providers to use electronic health records (EHRs). This has led to widespread EHR implementation. With the Quality Payment Program (QPP) in full swing, it is even more important to be full implemented on your EHR. TempDev, a Preferred NextGen Consultant Group, can help you fully maximize your investment in your EHR.

EHR Implementation

Modern healthcare providers need a well-integrated EHR system to improve patient outcomes and streamline operations. It helps them save time, money, and even lives.

However, the implementation of an EHR system may present the following challenges to healthcare providers.

Cost of the EHR system: The cost of EHR software and its implementation may deter some healthcare providers.

Buy-in for an EHR system: There is a misconception that all EHR systems are difficult to use. Employees think that they will need to put in extra time and effort, which might take away from indispensable healthcare.

Physicians are often dissatisfied with EHRs. Most plan to leave their current EHR vendors because their EHR system is not user-friendly.

Lost productivity: During and after EHR implementation, there might be a decrease in productivity and efficiency. Your employees may have to work overtime and need more support.

Lack of full implementation: Even after a new EHR system is implemented, employees may be reluctant to use it or may continue using old systems. If your main motivation in implementing an EHR system is increasing efficiency, this will hinder your efforts.

Data migration: Your institution may have a large amount of sensitive patient information. Migrating this accurately to an EHR system can be time-consuming and arduous. With that being said, typically it is a wise investment because it saves your staff time in manually entering redundant data. TempDev Consultants can help guide you through this process.

Benefits of Calling in a NextGen EHR Consultant

All such implementation challenges may seem daunting. A much easier way than handling it yourself is hiring a NextGen EHR consulting group like TempDev. The following are the benefits of doing so:

  • EHR consultants provide advice and help in customizing, implementing, using, and optimizing EHR systems.

  • They are capable of conducting thorough long-term analyses of the benefits as opposed to the costs of EHR implementation. They can forecast a return on investment (ROI), linking desirable outcomes to the implementation and use of an EHR system.

  • Consultants can initiate open discussions about EHR implementation and convince your employees that not all EHR systems are the same. They will be able to provide real examples of how the system has improved patient care and profitability.

  • Consultants can help conduct surveys to seek employee input and participation and assess workflows. Based on the results of these, they will be able to advise you on the EHR system most suited to you. They will help you to anticipate and overcome potential problems during implementation. Also, they can train your employees on how to use the EHR system efficiently.

  • EHR consultants can help you navigate the lull in productivity. They can guide your employees whenever they have doubts on the system. They can show your staff how the system improves documentation and patient care. They may also be able to assist you in choosing a point person responsible for entering or updating information.

  • TempDev NextGen consultants can help you use the large amount of data you collect, by analyzing it or training your employees to conduct analyses.

Hire a TempDev NextGen EHR consultant who understands your business needs, knows enough about your institution and its culture, and is flexible enough to fit in well. He or she would be able to fully implement an EHR system that suits you, is safe, on time, and on budget.

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