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NextGen EPM Consulting Services

NextGen EPM Consulting Services

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You may know TempDev as the company who offers NextGen EHR implementation, training and development, but did you know we also have a diverse range of NextGen Practice Management and Financial Service Offerings? We are also well versed in NextGen EPM Consulting and are well poised to help your practice achieve better financial outcomes.

NextGen EPM Consulting Assessments

Align financial and business requirements with PM capabilities through advanced system configuration, training on best practices, and workflow redesign recommendations. We offer a complementary NextGen PM Assessment to help us pinpoint your practice's financial health and where the problem areas may be. We created this NextGen PM assessment report based upon common issues and best practices amongst clients. We are able to quickly identify areas of improvement and next steps.

NextGen Revenue Cycle Optimization

Leverage the guidance and healthcare consulting you need to automate and streamline the most complex and time-consuming aspects of managing denials, improving cash flow, and reducing days in A/R.

Extended Billing Office

Utilize Flat Rate Monthly billers, with no long-term commitment, that specialize in NextGen EPM and are overseen by NextGen EPM consultants, to assist in cleaning up a backlog of:

  • Payment posting

  • Claims management (professional fee & encounter rate)

  • Statements

  • Account receivables

  • Denial management

  • Credit balances

  • Refunds

  • Insurance follow-up

NextGen EPM Reporting

Maximize productivity, identify trends, and track financial performance with our proprietary NextGen EPM SSRS reporting.

Contact our NextGen EPM Consultants to find out how we can help you achieve better financial health!


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