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Meet Sunshine Cunamay: NextGen Project Manager

Meet Sunshine Cunamay: NextGen Project Manager

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Hello Sunshine! Meet our exceptional Project Manager at TempDev, bringing with her over 13 years of experience working with NextGen in various capacities. Sunshine worked for NextGen directly for eight years before transitioning to support the application as an Implementation Specialist and Project Manager with other companies. In 2021, Sunshine joined our team, and we have been thriving together ever since.

In her role as a Project Manager, Sunshine plays a pivotal part in ensuring the successful delivery of projects. Her responsibilities encompass leading and managing project teams, maintaining project scope, and keeping projects on schedule. With her expertise in NextGen, she takes pride in finding solutions for clients' pain points, even when other consulting agencies deemed them impossible.

Sunshine's passion for healthcare stems from her family, from a young age, she knew she would make a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry.

What Sunshine loves most about her job is her incredible team and the support she receives from her colleagues. She believes that each team member at TempDev excels in their skill set, fostering a collaborative environment.

Reflecting on her journey, Sunshine highlights her transition to becoming a Project Manager as her greatest challenge. Initially, she held reservations about the role because she didn’t enjoy being a PM at her previous company, but joining TempDev changed her perspective entirely. Under the guidance and mentorship of our leadership, Sunshine found direction, coaching, and encouragement that transformed her experience. Today, she embraces her role as a PM, leveraging her knowledge of the application, understanding the unique challenges faced by clinical and IT teams, and providing innovative solutions and compromises to yield the best outcomes for all project stakeholders.

Among her most memorable experiences, Sunshine recalls a Go-Live in Alaska during winter. To bring some Sunshine flair to the event, she wore a shiny gold snowsuit, which quickly became her trademark onsite with the client.

When not immersed in work, Sunshine calls Southern California’s wine country her home. She shares her life with her beloved furry companion, Marley, who is simply the "Goodest Girl." Sunshine indulges her love for True Crime poodcasts, which makes her feel like a real detective and finds guilty pleasure in Reality TV. When she is not binge-watching TV, she loves exploring places that are known for having the "best" of whatever, to determine whether it truly is the “best.” She also loves visiting Disneyland for a delicious corndog, discovering cool speakeasies, and seeking out themed pop-ups for Instagram-worthy photos.

Sunshine's palate is captivated by Thai cuisine, and she could happily enjoy it every day. Rice and various noodles, such as pho, pasta, and Pad See Ew. Her favorite drink is an Iced Coffee, specifically a Kicker extra sweet from Dutch Brothers. For a special treat, a Lemondrop Martini made with Grand Marnier, rimmed with sugar, always puts a smile on her face.

Sunshine's passions extend to supporting LGBTQ+ rights, championing women's causes, standing with Planned Parenthood, and advocating for Black Lives Matter.

As for her goals for 2023, Sunshine sets her intentions each morning to become a better person. She aims to make a positive difference in at least one person's day and leave people, situations, and things better than she found them.

Sunshine Cunamay lives by the following motto that imparts a simple yet profound piece of advice: "If you want to be happy, just be.”


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