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Meet Susan Adam: NextGen Implementation Consultant

Meet Susan Adam: NextGen Implementation Consultant

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Susan Adam brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for healthcare to her role as a NextGen Implementation Consultant at TempDev. With a background in nursing and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Susan found her perfect fit within TempDev after working on the vendor side for many years. TempDev's sense of family and dedication to customers made it her number-one choice.

Currently, Susan is assigned to one of TempDev's long standing clients, where she plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of their healthcare systems. From working closely with providers and users to effectively triaging complex support tickets, Susan thrives in a rewarding and challenging position. She attributes her success to being part of a great team that upholds the highest standards in customer service.

Susan's passion for healthcare stems from her early days as a nurse's aide in a senior citizen facility. She has always seen the caring side of the industry, whether it is working directly with patients or supporting them from an IT perspective. Her genuine desire to assist users with their day-to-day issues and manage her ticket caseload effectively is evident in her commitment to providing exceptional support.

Overcoming challenges is a testament to Susan Adam's skills and knowledge. Adapting to the electronic world of health records, when working with challenging clients, has been a significant hurdle. However, through continuous learning and applying her expertise, she has successfully navigated the complexities and ensured seamless transitions for clients.

Susan's impact on clients extends beyond technical support. With a positive and cooperative approach, she takes the time to understand their unique needs to make a meaningful difference throughout the deployment process. One of her greatest achievements was working consecutively with a client over a two-year period, guiding them through a successful transition from paper to an electronic customized EHR system.

Outside of work, Susan resides in Wesley Chapel, FL, just outside Tampa, with her son Daniel. She cherishes the memory of her son’s First Class Petty Officer Cove, who sacrificed his life for freedom. Daniel and his wife, Jamie, blessed Susan with two beautiful grandchildren. In her free time, Susan is actively involved in wildlife rescue with the Owls Nest Sanctuary and has personally rescued two macaw parrots. She shares her home with two Australian Shepherds and two Russian Blue cats. Susan's passions extend to preventing animal cruelty, and she actively supports causes in this realm.

During weekends, Susan Adam finds solace in her home, engaging in activities such as working with her parrots, tending to her garden, and practicing backyard yoga and meditation. She has a weakness for Italian cuisine and sweet tea. Her dream vacation would be an Alaskan Cruise.  In 2023, her goal is to focus on her personal well-being and strive for better health. If she has any advice to share, it is to stand strong and never let the small things disrupt your peace of mind.


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