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Why Should You Work With Team TempDev?

Why Should You Work With Team TempDev?

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Sometimes people are intimidated by NextGen EPM & EHR, but they shouldn't be; it's a powerful and effective tool—but only if maintained in a way that makes the most sense for your practice's custom needs. That's where TempDev comes in. Our team is uniquely positioned to meet your specific business needs and streamline your practice's business operations. We specialize in NextGen Practice Management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) consulting and are also a NextGen Preferred Partner.

Our consultants are distinctively prepared to support your practice by:

    We are dedicated partners who focus is on the client's ROI, which isn't just about money. We employ the best and brightest consultants out there, and as a result, have built a team with experience that comes from all corners of healthcare IT consulting. We're techies first, we were founded in Silicon Valley at the roots of the healthcare tech boom, and have dynamic business skills.

    TempDev is Built on Technical Expertise and Creative Values

    The TempDev team's unparalleled expertise has two founding pillars: a background that's technical at heart; and core values that focus on creativity and innovation.

    Technical at Heart

    Our extensive technical knowledge allows us to innovate for our clients in ways that others can't. In other words, we're a one-stop-shop for all of your NextGen® needs. We've got both back and front-end needs covered, which means we can create custom solutions to solve any problem, and also that we can innovate so that your business runs smoother than ever.

    Our technical roots start at the beginning of the EHR boom. Founded in 2007 as a NextGen consulting firm, TempDev was poised to service healthcare providers' needs as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) was passed. Among a variety of other benefits to the medical industry, the health IT provisions, collectively named the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), provided $19 billion in federal funds to support long-term adoption of EHRs and healthcare IT.

    As the years went on, our NextGen EHR consulting and development services blossomed into consulting for every other part of NextGen to meet our customers' needs. This experience is the foundation of our team's expertise. We focus on being subject matter experts who aren't siloed in a particular part of the software.

    Creative and Innovative Values

    Often business needs change due to regulatory requirements, state level requirements, programs, or even just general dissatisfaction with the current system. Sometimes these needs are incredibly unique to one specific business—and those are the types of challenges we live for.

    We help you avoid common pitfalls with a staff of PMP certified project managers that don't just manage, but lead projects to completion. We won't simply provide development solutions, but will work with you as a consulting partner to make sure those solutions make an impact and that your business challenges are quickly resolved.

    TempDev Experience that Spans All of NextGen

    Our core services are focused on NextGen® EHR and Practice Management and include revenue cycle management services.

    NextGen EHR Consulting

    Our experienced consulting team identifies opportunities to optimize your processes and templates so that your clinical workflows run as smoothly as possible.

      NextGen® Practice Management

      We know the healthcare revenue cycle, and our consultants can help you improve your bottom line. This includes:

        TempDev is the consulting firm that you need to solve some of your most pressing NextGen problems. Our solutions aren't just effective but come from a team who's enthusiastic about solving problems—and having fun while we do it.

        Call us at 888.TEMP.DEV, or contact us here to get started with improving your NextGen EPM & EHR.


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