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NextGen EPM RCM Assessment

NextGen EPM RCM Assessment

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NextGen EPM Assessment: What You Need to Know

Today's healthcare reimbursement models are changing rapidly - and the NextGen EPM (for Enterprise Practice Management) assessment and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) assessment are vital for industry organizations. Any practice's sustainability and growth depends upon an optimal, cutting-edge, NextGen EPM and NextGen RCM configuration and workflow.

That's where TempDev came in. After years of productive, groundbreaking work in assisting clients with EPM and RCM optimization, TempDev took the next step in development. The company wrote and developed the game-changing NextGen EPM Assessment SSRS report to rapidly assist in picking up the common issues in our client base and comparing to MGMA standards.

The NextGen EPM Assessment SSRS Report works to uncover some of the most common problems that bog down your practice's NextGen EPM revenue cycle. Take a step back and think about your practice's operations for a second. Think about all the roadblocks you're running into when it comes to your self NextGen EPM assessment. Are you encountering things like:

  • Unsubmitted claims, keeping you from getting the needed revenue into your practice?

  • Unposted charges or payments, causing confusion and crippling delays in the NextGen EPM revenue cycle?

  • Unworked accounts receivables, patient statements, or denials, delivering blind spots when it comes to the management of your practice?

Those crucial parts of your NextGen EPM and NextGen RCM process could be causing those key slowdowns throughout your revenue cycle. Even if you don't have one of those critical roadblocks in your head immediately, you may just want a better understanding of how your practice is performing compared to your peers.

That's where TempDev comes in!

The TempDev Solution

With TempDev's comprehensive NextGen EPM Assessment, you'll get a full-length, stem-to-stern examination that delivers a complete financial picture of your practice. TempDev's NextGen EPM Assessment includes a detailed report and presentation with our expert TempBill financial consultants. With these specialists, you'll be able to review our findings, develop best practices, and explore recommended next steps.

Our elite consultants will explore your practice's processes when it comes to:

  • Appointments, providing valuable advice and guidance on the current state of your appointments calendar and finding ways to optimize your efforts

  • Charge lag, claim submission, and claim lag, working on getting the claims you need to get reimbursed in and out of your office as soon as possible

  • Accounts receivable, making sure timely follow-ups are happening to keep your money out of 120+

  • Unapplied credits and denials, so you're able to recognize revenue and get paid quicker

  • Work log efficiency and top 10 denial reason codes helping to improve automation and reduce denials

Looking to see how we've helped other clients in the past with the NextGen EPM Assessment? Check out our success stories here! Recently, our efforts have helped decrease monthly close time by 28 days, reduced a posting backlog by $7.5M, and provided ongoing posting services with 50% less staff. Along with that, our accounts receivables efforts have resolved $1.0M of unapplied credits and decreased days in AR by 22 days.

Those are only a few of the success stories we've had with TempDev's services. Interested in learning more? Contact us today or call 1-888-TempDev to take your practice to next financial level with our NextGen EPM Consulting Services!


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