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Optimize Your NextGen EHR for a Better Returns on Investment

Optimize Your NextGen EHR for a Better Returns on Investment

Optimize Your NextGen EHR for Better Returns on Investment

Digital technology has transformed the way business is done in every industry. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have revolutionized the way medical practices conduct business, improved client interactions and bolstered the bottom lines of countless organizations. Here are some of the most important ways that implementing NextGen EHR can revolutionize your practice while boosting your profit margin.

Improved Data Accuracy

Clerical errors cost medical practices millions of dollars each year in court costs, paper wasted and the time spent to correct them. If you’re running a small to medium-sized practice, one lawsuit can be enough to put you out of business – especially if your insurance provider decides the mistake was preventable. Keeping track of your operational data using NextGen EHR can save you time and money while protecting your livelihood.

Better Data Security

Medical practices are very attractive targets for computer hackers. But due to the many changing security concerns out there today, EHR suites and service packages come with some of the most advanced cyber security available. EHR consulting services can help you to make the most out of encryption and data sequestering while helping you learn how to create an internal culture that promotes sound cybersecurity.

Improved Population Management

Managing data for large patient populations is a challenging task. Modern database systems eliminate much of the burden on staff, reducing clerical errors and improving patient outcomes. Improving your record keeping systems with modern solutions will allow your practice to serve more people with fewer errors.

Reduce Medical Errors

Mistakes in medicine are a leading cause of death in the United States and cost the medical industry billions of dollars each year. Discrepancies in the chain of custody for critical pieces of patient data are a leading cause of medical errors. NextGen EHR can prevent innumerable transcription and custody-related errors, which can lead to incorrect diagnosing and misapplied treatments. Eliminating clerical errors goes a long way towards eliminating much of the risk of medical errors.

Safer, More Reliable Prescriptions

Clerical errors, patient mistakes and the famously rushed handwriting of doctors can cause patients to fill the wrong prescription. Digital data transcription reduces the likelihood of these kinds of mistakes, saving time and money and reducing risks for you, your patients and the pharmacy. Combining NextGen EHR with SureScripts ePrescribing is one of the best ways to reduce your risk and improve patient satisfaction.

Streamlined Coding and Billing

Coding and billing are traditionally very labor intensive, slow and prone to the risks of transcription errors. Office workers who have long performed these duties face the challenges of dreary and repetitive work, which makes them very likely to make mistakes. With EHRs, you can improve the quality of your staff’s work experience, reduce overtime expenses and cut down on mistakes that can cost you untold time and money.

Improved Chronic Condition Management

Managing chronic conditions can pose a major data management challenge, especially with with large populations. Ongoing care for chronic conditions is historically, a high error aspect of any medical practice. Improving the quality of your database management system will go a long way to ease the organizational burden of chronic patients, preventing errors, and improving quality of care. You can longitudinally track a patient's lab results and chart against medication changes with NextGen EHR.

Reduce Overhead

Traditional record keeping processes take up whole wings in the practices where they are used, require more work hours to complete and are rife with stress factors for you and your staff. A NextGen EHR consulting firm, such as TempDev, that specializes in MACRA, MIPS or APM consulting firm can help you eliminate huge daily expenditures in record keeping.

Better Patient Engagement with NextGen EHR

With fewer errors, less time spent filling out papers and the overall improved office culture that results from removing a major stressor, your patients will have a better experience with your practice. They will appreciate knowing that you go the extra mile to safeguard their information and guard against common transcription errors.

Contact TempDev or visit our NextGen Clinical Consulting Services page to learn more about how record keeping optimization can revolutionize your practice.


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