Meet Sang Lee: VP of NextGen Implementation
Oct 3, 2021

Meet Sang Lee: VP of NextGen Implementation

Sang Lee, VP of NextGen Implementation at TempDev, is a subject matter expert in all things NextGen from revenue cycle to EHR and everything in between. Her expertise is especially on display when it comes to implementing NextGen in a holistic way that fits your practice's needs, from the financial to the clinical side. This includes implementing standard operating procedures, training staff, leading managers, and guiding physicians to effectively implementing software that fundamentally impacts every aspect of the practice. She is the go-to knowledge base on the team, everyone knows that no matter what subject the question is in, Sang probably has an answer for them.

When you meet Sang Lee, you can hear the drive in her voice. She runs her projects with empathy and is always focused on identifying innovative solutions for her clients' needs. She understands the value of teamwork, and she works to carefully identify the right resources at TempDev to suit each of her client’s unique needs.

Sang has frequently had engagement acting as the head of Revenue Cycle teams for clients. This is the aspect of the healthcare business cycle that deals with patient and insurance billing and collections. She leads the client's teams when they need additional leadership or operational structure. During these engagements, she will step in to fix ineffective processes that have negatively affected their billing and collections. She can also design new workflows to help groups scale so they are no longer hindered by their plans for growth. Sang can also come in to assess the personnel and amount of resources the client and their staff need to implement a new framework.

Sang frequently provides NextGen PM assessments by review the client's aging receivables (AR), which refers to money not collected in the past. By assessing the AR, Sang determines the genesis of the problem and recover as much of the lost revenue as possible. She will then change what is needed in either NextGen or within the team's workflows to fix the issues. Sang will interview the client’s current staff from different departments. Using their insights, she put together a new process and trained the staff on how to adapt to the changes. She set standards and creates an operations structure that promotes cohesion. The end goal is to create a permanent solution that would prevent future revenue loss.

Sang Lee has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of California, Davis. She got a job that was supposed to be temporary but ended up defining her career path. With a background in billing, she was a director of a billing service for 15 years. She was also a certified coder before ever working with NextGen.

In the early 2000s, the EHR industry boomed, which inspired her to learn more about EHR and NextGen. By 2005, she was fully incorporated into the EHR industry. It was around this time that she met Laura. Both she and Laura had ties to a group that had just started using NextGen. They learned the program together and became good friends; they even fondly referred to each other as trench buddies.

Afterwards, Sang joined the team. When she first joined TempDev, she worked primarily in EHR but helped with some medical billing projects. Her first big billing client happened by chance; and now, she’s focused mostly on billing client requests. Sang has been at TempDev for nine years now and thrives in the always challenging and dynamic environment. What Sang loves about her job is that there is no instruction manual. She’s always thinking on her feet. 

I’m not a clock puncher; I can’t see myself in a job with routine,” Sang said. “It’s the thrill of the unknown for me.”

While interacting with client staff, she also wears a therapist’s hat. She enters an environment where emotions are already running high because current processes aren't working, and it's up to her to manage those emotions and optimize the processes. Dealing with emotions is undoubtedly the most stressful part of Sang’s job. Unlike numbers, human beings are unpredictable; there is always something to address. However, it is also the most rewarding.

Managing people involves managing their emotions too,” Sang said. “When dealing with various clients’ staff, you have to create a safe space where they can air their frustrations without fear. You have to assure them that you are on their side and are there to offer solutions. That is how you get to the root of the problem.

She specifically remembers a case where the staff was afraid of taking a day off because they would have had to make up the time when they returned. She knew this was important to fix immediately because unhappy employees aren't productive.

Off the clock, Sang Lee is an avid sports fan; she grew up watching everything from football to figure skating. You can often find her cheering for the San Francisco Giants and the Golden State Warriors. When she's not watching the game, her other favorite pastimes are reading and watching movies. She does not discriminate by genre — anything goes. However, she is well known to be a big Harry Potter fan and on Team Marvel.

Her favorite places are at home with family and the beach. In her opinion, the most beautiful place she has ever been to is Hawaii. She journeyed with her entire family, including her folks, and they hiked to Diamond Peak. “I don’t like crowds. Beaches are beautiful, and home is always quiet, peaceful, and full of family love,” Sang Lee said. 

If you’re interested in working with Sang Lee to optimize your revenue cycle and EHR, contact TempDev here or call 888.TEMP.DEV.

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