Jul 9, 2021

Meet Barbie Vazquez Clune: TempDev Operations Manager

Barbara Vazquez Clune, otherwise known as Barbie, has been with TempDev for almost six years. Before beginning her current role as Operations Manager, she worked as an Executive and Financial Administrator, which helped build the critical experience that’s served her so well in supporting TempDev's employees and clients. 

Each day, her on-the-job tasks vary drastically. She supports the TempDev team and their various operational needs, working directly for Allison Placido, COO, and Laura Miller, CEO and Founder.

TempDev is a small company, so both the Human Resources (HR) and Accounting Departments fall under the umbrella of Operations. Barbie Clune oversees both departments and manages many of the tasks associated with them, including recruiting, benefits, paychecks, hiring, compliance training, certifications, and more.

In her words, “I help the team stay up-to-date with various HIPAA required certifications to make sure our compliance needs are met, but I also am the person that makes sure our team has everything they need to do their jobs well. I manage everything from fixing their computers to following up on client invoices and reviewing expense reports.”

It’s exactly this skill - Barbie's “Jill of all trades” nature that allows her to be such a successful TempDev team member. One of Barbie's largest annual projects is managing TempDev’s presence at NextGen User Group Meeting (UGM). During this high-visibility meeting, she manages the production of the booth, schedules team coverage, and arranges team and client dinners.

 While Barbie has managed dozens of projects like this over the years, her favorite (and most challenging) project was planning for TempDev’s first virtual UGM during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I’d never done a virtual conference before. It wasn’t that it was difficult, it was just strange because none of us knew what to expect. When you think ‘conference,’ you think tons of people in a convention center shaking hands, hugging, and making connections in person which are all the things you cannot do during a pandemic. During the virtual UGM, those connections were made over Slack and through introductory TempDev videos, and I was challenged with creating more virtual tools to help us make those connections. We made it work, but it was definitely harder than in-person events.”

When she’s not planning large events or executing complex projects, she’s TempDev’s go-to manager for smaller events that happen throughout the year. She’s also the “it girl” for other critical client touchpoints, like holiday and birthday gifting to personal hospitality events. To put it simply, Barbie serves the incredibly important role of tying up TempDev’s loose ends, helping it perform as an outstanding company focused on providing excellent service to its clients and employees.

Barbie's credits her background in hospitality for helping her deliver this highly personalized service to TempDev’s clients and employees. She helps TempDev embody warmth and a familial atmosphere both internally and externally.  

Barbie began her career by majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Hospitality. Initially she thought Hospitality would be where she wanted to stay forever. However as her family grew, the hours became more difficult, and I eventually found a role as an administrative assistant in the sales office at the Hyatt in downtown Miami, FL. Her journey led to her to become the Assistant to the Director of Engineering. After working in that role for a couple of years, a friend referred her to TempDev because of her tenacity and accountability. She says TempDev’s culture makes her genuinely happy, which is why she’s chosen to stay with the company for so long. 

“We’ve all worked in roles before where you wake up and dread going to work, it’s never like that here. Don’t get me wrong, the job is a challenge and there are times when I may feel overwhelmed, but here, I know that I have bosses that really care about me and I feel like I matter. It means more to me than anything.”

Part of that enviable culture is TempDev’s inclination to prioritize family matters, which Barbie says has helped her be a better mom and employee.

“Once my daughter, at three years old, broke her arm at daycare. Both of my bosses were so understanding about my needing to take time for her surgery and care. You just don’t find that everywhere. It makes me want to work harder and do my part to care for other team members when they need it, too.”

 Barbie Clune's inclination to take care of others is another trait she credits with helping her excel at TempDev.

“I’m a mother goose. When people are new to TempDev and I work to onboard them. I always tell them that if they don’t know something, ask me and I will get them the answer. I want everyone to feel comfortable and safe because I want them to be happy, and have long careers with us.”

When Barbie finishes her days at TempDev, she loves spending time at home with her three-year-old and brand new baby. She has had both children and got married five years ago, all while helping grow TempDev also. While she loves her work, she cherishes her family and being active with them above all else.

“Other than quality family time, I do very much enjoy running. I’ve been known to put my daughter in a running stroller and take her for a jog around the neighborhood or down by the beach.”

Even on these jogs, though, TempDev is never far from her heart. She loves to wear her favorite t-shirt while out running, which includes a TempDev logo, or an image of Twinkie, the company mascot. 

To refuel after a long day working at TempDev, Barbie Clune loves to cook Paella for her family. Paella is a complicated dish, and it’s a great metaphor for the way Barbie lives her life and excels in her career- seamlessly mixing various ingredients, paying close attention, and investing unparalleled care every step of the way. It makes for a delicious Paella dinner, and a fulfilling life that inspires those around her.

If you’re interested in working with Barbie Clune or our team of skilled TempDev consultants to streamline your NextGen install, contact us.

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