Melissa Glass NextGen Project Director
Jun 9, 2021

Meet Melissa Glass: NextGen Project Director at TempDev

Melissa Glass, NextGen Project Director for TempDev, is a project management savant when it comes to flawlessly delivering well-executed NextGen® EHR & EPM engagements. Her background in community health centers and Planned Parenthood clinics inspires her to empathize with the end-users and to always take a patient-focused approach when working with her clients.

During her almost decade-long tenure at TempDev, she’s worked directly with countless clients in the healthcare space, and directly with NextGen, to execute complex implementations, development projects, and upgrades successfully. Her detail-oriented nature and hands-on approach to each project make her the best person to deliver on complicated projects that improve the provider and patient experience for healthcare practices of all sizes. That’s why she’s often requested consistently by clients to spearhead their next engagement once she completes the existing one.

Being able to establish a long-term relationship with partners and clients is critical to our success. It’s always humbling when clients trust you enough to invite you back to work with them again and again.”

Although Melissa’s background is in psychology, which she studied at Humboldt State University, she unexpectedly found herself in the healthcare space right after graduation. Her first role was with a local Planned Parenthood, where she was attracted to the educational element in Planned Parenthood’s operational model.

“I had thought I would be an educator on my initial path after college, so the educational element got me initially sucked in,” Melissa Glass of TempDev said. “I stayed, and eventually became a manager, and then VP of Patient Services. I learned all about healthcare and budgeting. I managed a large facility, built a new site, and ran a community clinic during my time there.”

Planned Parenthood is where Melissa’s passion for projects really blossomed. She was drawn to the fact that they were tangible, measurable, and had a start and an end. Having those types of clearly defined goals drives her to be so successful in her role at TempDev.

That passion for project management led her to become Project Management Professional (PMP) certified. After working for Planned Parenthood, she was offered a Project Manager role for a local IT consulting group and worked there for five years before she was decided to join TempDev at a NextGen UGM. 

While she’s surprised that her career took her into healthcare IT, she wouldn’t have it any other way — she loves being at TempDev. The solution-oriented culture, innovation, creativity, and energy are what make her look forward to going to work every day.

She also values that her colleagues are dependable, dedicated, passionate, intuitive, and professional, but with a touch of “crazy fun.”

What sets us apart is that we actively listen to the needs of our clients. At TempDev, we treat each project as unique and set out to comprehend the workflow in a clinic fully before developing or upgrading their system.”

There are times when you interact with consultants, and even project managers, who might not see the big picture and the tasks required to complete the picture, but that is not the TempDev way.

Melissa believes that TempDev’s empathy for both the business and the patient always shine through after each project is complete. The ability to strike that balance is why she loves her job, and why she believes her background in healthcare is a benefit for her clients.

To me, designing and implementing EHR software solutions for clients is like creating a cake recipe. It makes no sense to make and serve a cake that you have not tasted yourself; how will you know if it tastes good or horrible?

Her mission is for each project that she works on to always embody the spirit of human interaction and for each product to meet the vision and needs of her clients.  

One of the projects Melissa enjoyed the most was a collaboration among TempDev, NextGen, and Planned Parenthood affiliates. As the project manager, Melissa and her team of NextGen developers work closely with Planned Parenthood affiliates to establish their business needs.

Her experience and passion for Planned Parenthood made her uniquely qualified to train her colleagues on the Planned Parenthood model, and the affiliates relied on Melissa’s team to represent their needs when it came to making necessary updates to the NextGen system.

She’s often approached by clients to spearhead upgrade and conversion projects around community health centers and Planned Parenthoods given her subject matter expertise.

Melissa is not only an amazing project management consultant for TempDev, but she is also the mother of an incredible teenage daughter and a few chickens.

When she is working, you will find her buried behind her three monitors — her desk setup of choice. She confesses to being lost without her monitors. As soon as the day ends though, she loves to go off the grid into the wilderness.

But when Melissa is not streamlining a client’s NextGen workflows, she likes to be outdoors in rural Northern California or Mexico. She describes herself as the non-city girl of TempDev.

I love nature and being outdoors. It gives me a new lease on life, and it never gets old.” 

Her activities of choice while outdoors include backpacking, windsurfing, and gardening, and recently kiteboarding, which has gradually replaced windsurfing among her top three favorite pastimes.

Some fun facts about Melissa: The last time she attended a concert, Imagine Dragons headlined for Bottle Rock, whom she gave a rave review. 

And finally, on her lazy days away from the office, she passes time by sitting in bed, drinking coffee, and doing New York mini crossword puzzles.

If you’re interested in working with Melissa Glass, or any of our other qualified consultants at TempDev, contact TempDev by calling 888.TEMP.DEV or clicking here. We’ll ensure that all your business needs are met.

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