Olesya Davis TempDev Project Director
Apr 22, 2021

Meet Olesya Davis: Project Director

When it comes to projects that require a comprehensive knowledge of NextGen and a special touch for multicultural understanding, clients can feel confident in the knowledgeable hands of Olesya Davis, Project Director at TempDev. This unique competency has been a benefit from the first moments of her career and guided.

Says Olesya Davis, “I always had an interest in IT, but it was actually my fluency in Russian that got me the opportunity at my first consulting firm. Now, 16 years later, I can see how the technology is evolving and am so excited to be in this field doing something I enjoy, and something that there will always be a need for.”

Olesya has mastered the complex configuration that is sometimes needed for revenue cycle management in NextGen EPM. Whatever the client profile (multi-speciality, fertility, Medicare Advantage, private equity, or ophthalmology) may be, Olesya comes prepared to tackle any challenge. She presents innovative and pragmatic solutions that can immediately take effect to improve the bottom line.

One of her favorite challenges at TempDev was a project that required the adept navigation of cultural and language barriers with a primarily Spanish-speaking client. 

“When you have a project that’s so massive, that needs to be done so quickly and includes cultural and language barriers, it’s a challenge. But we did it, and we ended up doing additional work for them when the project was complete because they were so happy with the way their initial implementation went.”

As this client was completely new to NextGen, Olesya jumped at the chance to bring them aboard, implementing the whole NextGen product from the ground up, including both NextGen Practice Management and EHR.

She and her team equipped the client with multiple products at once in a very short and intense time frame, all while facing a language barrier.

Olesya’s success on this project can be credited to her deep understanding of the language of people — she cares about the individual needs of each client, and tailors her approach accordingly.

“I really, truly, love what I do. I don’t think many people can say that they love their jobs like I do. It’s ever-changing, always challenging, and never boring.”

Now a six-year TempDev veteran, her role as Project Director spans communication with clients, developing timelines, setting budgets, training, support, development, and reporting.

“As a project manager, I love identifying new areas of need or improvement for a client I’ve gotten to know well. Helping them move forward and further optimize their practice is a great feeling, and seeing them happy is why I am here.”

And she gets to know all clients well; the level of empathy and dedication she brings to each project that crosses her desk is an instrumental part of her success at TempDev. She explains:

“I think that to be successful, you really have to jibe with the client, listen to their preferences, and adapt to their communication style.”

Outside of work, it’s all about family for Olesya Davis. As adept at juggling complex tasks at home as she is at work, she finds time to homeschool her son (a "12-year-old going on 30," in her own words). She lives in a small boating town in North Carolina and enjoys being out on the ocean, spending time with her nearby in-laws, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law.

In her downtime, she likes to read Russian literature and challenges herself to keep her language skills sharp. At TempDev, Olesya enjoys keeping up with the latest trends in healthcare, which enables her to meet new challenges, and continuously refine her expertise.

If you’re interested in entrusting your NextGen EHR & EPM projects to seasoned project management experts like Oleysa Davis, contact us.

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